Dear Instructional Designer
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The show about the instructional design journey.

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    Episode 36: Season 2 Wrap Up

    Season 2 of Dear ID is finally over! In this episode, I share some stats about my 2016 year of projects, takeways from Season 2's focus on tools and tech, and what's next for Season 3 of Dear ID.

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    Episode 35: What's Next?

    In this episode, I want to gaze into the future and talk about three areas I think may be useful for other instructional design newbies looking to develop their skills or dive into a niche area.

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    Episode 34: Livestreaming

    In this episode, I make an argument for adding livestreaming to your toolbox to show and share your work without the commitment of a regular blog or podcast, but also staving off the isolation that can come with engaging in deep work.

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    Episode 33: Game Makers for Learning

    In this episode I talk about game makers and why they might be a good option to help you start building learning experiences.

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    Episode 32: PowerPoint for Video

    In this episode, I respond to a listener request for more talk about creating effective, interesting animated video. I could have gone high-tech, but instead, I challenge you to think about using PowerPoint for effective animated video.

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