Dear Instructional Designer
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The show about the instructional design journey.

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    Episode 50: Feast and Famine and Freelancing

    In this episode, I try my hand at answering one of the toughest questions around becoming a freelancer: How does that whole feast and famine cycle work?

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    Episode 48: Season 3 Wrap Up

    In this episode, I (finally!) wrap up season 3 and talk about the future of Dear ID.

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    Episode 47: Svein-Tore on H5P

    In this episode, I sit down with Svein-Tore, the founder of H5P, an amazing open source authoring tool for creating elearning interactions.

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    Episode 46: Simon Date on Open Source

    In our last episode with Simon, we segue from using Adapt to the Open Source Way and how Instructional Designers can benefit by jumping in to open source projects.

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    Episode 44: Simon Date on MOOCs

    The first of three (I say four in audio) episodes with Simon Date, Adapt developer extraordinaire!

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